Computer Technician Salary – Earning as a Computer Technician

With a highly modernized world that just doesn’t cease to grow in terms of technology, it has been quite a requisite for a lot of industries to hire computer technicians. These individuals have been crucial in maintaining computer systems and networks to keep businesses up and running. In addition, they make sure that everything is kept up-to-date and fully-functional, serving as consultants especially for the non-tech savvy; assuring that worrying about the state of their modern machines wouldn’t cause them more headaches. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that the demand for such technicians will always be present due to the robust growth of Information Technology (IT). Computer technicians come from diverse educational backgrounds; some are degree holders, others have a high school diploma, while others have had taken some college units. However, most companies require that certifications must be acquired from training to determine that the computer technician is capable and have the skills necessary for the type of job assigned to them. Being such a seemingly busy worker, it wouldn’t be a wonder if some people can get curious of a computer technician salary. So, how much does a computer technician most likely be earning?

computer-moneyFirst of all, let us look into the type of job that a computer technician usually handles. These specialists have a variety of jobs that they can do since there are a vast number of industries wherein their skills are needed, aside from the already apparent field of Information Technology. IT is already a vast field in itself to begin with; hence you can just imagine the diverse kind of work that a computer technician must fit into. Furthermore, for the other industries, the amount and type of work to be rendered is often of different degrees. Thus, the task given to computer technicians is directly proportional to the work being provided by these individuals. For instance, the range of the task can be from simple troubleshooting that can take several minutes to finish to the ones that are more complex, thus more amount of time is needed to look into the problem.  Moreover, just like in any other field, experience also plays an important role in determining a computer technician salary. In most cases, the more experienced ones will always charge higher compared to the neophytes of the field. This is considering the fact that they can have the work done faster since there is a possibility that they have already previously encountered the issues that are being consulted to them. In addition, if a technician aims to have a more credible set of skills and gain higher salaries, then they can opt to attend training sessions and workshops. By being certified through training, they hone their expertise and open up a broader range of work. Through this, they may assume greater responsibilities and offer wider arrays of services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States [1], the median annual salary for computer technicians as shown in their records for the year 2010, starts at around $46,260 annually. The salary ranges from $28,300 to about $76,790. These amounts are typical for entry-level jobs in the industry such as computer support specialists. The pay is expected to grow as you gain more exposure to the field, acquiring certifications will also help in this matter. Also, starting out as a computer technician helps in opening up more possibilities in IT, thus allowing you to identify and decide the particular path that you would want to pursue in your career with computers. Furthermore, for the ones who assume more responsibilities such as computer systems analysts, the 2010 records show that the median annual pay is about $77,740. More job openings are expected to spring up in the next couple of years as the number of industries that require computer personnel are growing.

A computer technician is considered to play an important role in most industries in the 21st century, especially for businesses that rely much on modern technologies for them to achieve full functionality. For instance, large businesses such as electronic commerce (e-commerce) websites depend on transactions done through the Internet to gain profit. If their systems go down, it is a computer technician’s role to have the problem solved immediately. Having the issue solved right away is crucial as every minute of having a malfunctioning system means that these businesses can lose large sums of income. This is just one of the many cases where a computer technician’s skills become really helpful. Hence, the assistance of a computer technician can be considered to be really valuable for different industries, no matter what the scale.

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How Much is the Average IT Technician Salary

Over the years, computers have become an integral part of our life. From homes to offices, people can’t seemingly live without them. That’s why there’s no doubt that computer professionals such as IT technicians are among the highest paid professionals today based on the estimate of their median IT Technician salary nationwide.

Job Description

ITThe main job of IT professionals and technicians is to provide technical support to people or companies regarding computer matters. From how to operate a computer to complex troubleshooting, they are professionally trained to handle similar concerns.

Also, these professionals are also a vital part of every company, especially since the majority of companies these days, whether startups to multinational corporations are using computers on their daily operation.

Since they do important role for every company, it is not a surprise that you will see IT professionals in a company no matter how small it is. But sometimes, in rare cases, there are also companies who don’t hire IT technicians on a full-time basis.

These workers are called freelance IT technicians who render IT services to companies occasionally or routinely depending largely when the need arises. Some companies may also schedule regular appointments with these freelance IT professionals to visit their company on a preset schedule to do the regular maintenance on their system as well as other concerns that only IT technicians can handle.


As mentioned above, IT Technician salary is one of the most attractive pay across industries. In fact, IT professionals in general are among the highest paid professionals today, mainly because of the industry demand for their skills and the services that they offer.

Since most of us today, from ordinary students to corporations, are largely dependent on computers and other forms of technologies, we can expect that this career will remain a flourishing career, in terms of compensation.

Computer Repair Technician- Pros and Cons of the Work

We already outlined  the job description of a computer repair technician. Aside from the basic task of repairing and maintaining the computer and servers, his or her work may also include building and configuring hardware and updating software packages,  creating and maintaining computer networks.


Most of the times, the computer repair technician is the to-go person in performing installation, diagnosis and repair not just of computers but including the peripheral equipment such as printers.

Educational requirement for a computer repair technician involves vocational training through a certificate program or associate degree program.  The person for the job is trained in electronics. It involves knowledge of basic operations, maintenance, and  computer repair and be able to test electronic equipment and tools; AC, DC, and digital electronic theory; Macintosh and PC operating systems. One also also knows the principles of transistorized circuits and safety procedures related to equipment repair. He or she is also informed of the State codes, safety regulations and building plans.

So before taking a headstart for this as a career, are you well informed of the pros and cons of being a computer repair technician? The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), listed why this is a career for you to consider. Or not.


PROS of a Computer Repair Technician Career 

1. Fulltime work schedule. 

As the backbone of the organization, you have an enormous responsibility of ensuring the stability of computer systems. This is a full workload. Full-time work does not mean though of a typical 9am to 5pm schedule. Most are even required to be available 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. You got a lot in your hands surely.

2. Comfortable work environment.

Most computer repair technician has his or her own space to tinker with the computers, peripherals and whatnots.  You can choose to work in the corporation, repair shops or  be self-employed.

3. Flexibility to work inside or outside an office.

Repairs and maintenance of computers can be done anywhere. Especially for the self-employed computer repair tech, he/she can either maintain it at electronic stores, home, schools and offices.

4. Vocational training can be enough when seeking for employment

Training and combination of experience that can demonstrate one’s ability to perform the required duties can be sufficient for employment. However, certification and even pursuing further degree in information technology is highly encouraged. Some employers look out not only a journey level of basic repair but supervisory role. It will also give you more access to more employment opportunities.

5. Variety in daily repair tasks. 

From the mundane to the most complicated hardware and software technical support, you will be able to meet them all.


CONS of a Computer Repair Technician  Career
1. Slower than average job growth (seven percent from First Quarter 2010-Fourth Quarter 2010) 

Whilst most of the industries involving information technology requires computer repair tech, there is still a dint of growth in 2010. But do not fret as the future is bright, 22% computer-related jobs are expected from the years 2010 to 2020 in United States alone. 

2.  Frequent traveling for field technicians. 

If you have a family, this one is a little sacrifice in your end. Most are also required to work alone.

3.  It requires around-the-clock working hour. 

Expect yourself of long work hours, nights or week-ends are even devoted still at work.

4. Physical demand. 

This work requires lifting and moving heavy equipment. The computer repair tech must use all his/her senses fully. Continious walk, climbing or even balancing is required. As one job description wrote:

Now you have the list of pros and cons, do you see yourself as computer repair technician? If it is a resounding yes, then start building your resume and start applying your set of electronics skills in the industry.

Computer Technician Course- IT schools

Everyone now has a laptop or computer but not everyone can fix it. Imagine the big possibilities ahead of you not just having the knowledge, not just solely repairing it, but the whole computer technical support. But let’s get back to the basic first. The first steps of arming yourself is to find the best IT school that has computer technician course that will train you to be the best in the field.

So what are the guidelines to follow when selecting a school or training center?

Here is a checklist for you to consider and will guide you in screening out, choosing and making a decision on the various  IT schools available:

1. Check the IT schools that has the largest overall student enrollment. 

As the Education Portal pointed out,  there are a lot of schools out there but one of the foolproof indicators to help you is the overall student enrollment. High student enrollment and the  alumni rating should be your consideration. Also the student should make sure that the selected IT school has computers are updated and consistent with the standard business equipment.

2.  Check the Computer Technician Course if it offers degree programs or network systems certificates. 

Look into your community or in the IT schools you are aiming if they offer certificate and degree programs that relate to computer networking. Examine also if the credits for the computer technician course can be transferred to an associate degree in the field. 

Also, find out if the  certifications being offered by Microsoft, Cisco and Red Hat are integral in the lab learning.  Earning one of these software vendors’ exam will surely enable to advance the student’s long-term career. It is also a plus to put in the resume.

3. Look at its  internship program in its other affiliated  IT schools or training centers. 

Aspiring computer technician can only improve their skills and salary by the accumulated experience in IT support. Gaining practical experience is incomparable. The lab learning in the IT schools is a test of putting into practice the theories on network engineering. Most schools also allow students to gain cooperative learning experience and allowing every student hands-on experience while earning his or her degree as computer technician.

4. Envision your  possible specialization. 

When choosing the IT school, determine what is its specialization in the vast field of Information technology. Reflect on what you also envision yourself . Consider the following fields in IT: Business system networking, CISCO networking, computer programming, game programming, IT applications, network cabling, Oracle/ database programming or web design and check if this is attuned to the career you envision yourself to have.

5. Consider pursuing graduate degree in information technology. 

Yes experiences are needed. But still companies according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) favor computer technician especially those working more as network engineers to have a graduate degree. Large companies also consider it a prerequisite for promotion and leadership position. Graduate programs usually combine classes in IT concepts such as wireless networking, telecommunications  design and internet protocols and integrating it with business. 

Remember this is your future.  Do you see yourself as IT Director, CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer)? Then choose well the IT school where you will enroll.


Computer Technician Job Description – Tasks and Responsibilities

Aside from the rather apparent work of maintaining and caring for computer systems, what else could a computer technician job description possibly contain? There are surely a number of ways to come up with an answer for that question. And it is without a doubt that computer technicians are truly skillful and knowledgeable when it comes to technology. It might come as a wonder how these individuals seem to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Hence, let us take a look into what makes the computer technician a computer technician.

259639ttFirst of all, having an overview of the job helps us take the gist of what they do. Generally, when one thinks of a computer technician, what comes in mind is an individual who can come into the room and solve any computer problem that you will encounter. They have answers to queries such as “My computer makes weird sounds and doesn’t turn on, what am I supposed to do?” or something like “All the wires are connected but why doesn’t the light on my machine flicker?” Surely, you have had been in similar scenarios and immediately sought help from a computer technician, especially if you aren’t much of a technical person. A computer technician helps us be in track of the technologies that come with the modernization of our world. So, what exactly can you find in a computer technician job description you might ask? Let’s begin with the fundamental tasks that they usually deal with, they are as follows:

  • Assembles computer parts
  • Installs and maintains computer systems
  • Troubleshoots software and hardware problems
  • Set-up workstations for different departments within the organization
  • Assists co-employees with their computer-related issues
  • Configures and looks after network infrastructure
  • Serves as advisers when it comes to upgrading current systems or when new advancements must be done in a company’s IT framework

Aside from the ones mentioned above, computer technicians can be required to have other specialized sets of skills, depending on what a certain job demands. It is important to note that in most cases, technicians have undergone training and received certifications to be qualified for the job. Also, there are companies which look for IT personnel who are also degree holders.

It is obvious that the primary function of a computer technician is to ensure the stability of computer systems within the organization. A failure in computer systems can just do so much such as paralyzing and delaying many services offered by different organizations. In a world set in such a modern landscape with a rather enormous indication of growth, the responsibilities that these individuals are bestowed with are big factors to guarantee that all systems are functional in various industries.

Computer Technician Jobs – Seeking Employment in the IT Industry

There is a wide array of computer technician jobs in the market. The outlook for these jobs is quite positive; hence the amount of openings is expected to grow in the next couple of years. For instance, in the United States alone, a rise of 22% computer-related jobs is expected from the years 2010 to 2020. An increase in the employment rate for computer specialists is anticipated since separate industries are expected to hire more personnel to look after their growing information technology (IT) needs. The field of healthcare is among the industries that have a great potential of utilizing more IT resources, thus the necessity to hire more tech-savvy staff. [1]

Computer technician jobs usually vary in terms of the responsibilities and tasks assigned. For instance, entry-level positions will most likely need individuals who have good customer service and technical skills as it is expected that they communicate with clients regularly. Such is the case for those who have been hired as computer support specialists. Let’s take a scenario wherein a client requests for assistance from these specialists. The client asks them to take a look at their malfunctioning machine and have the issues fixed for them. Such requests may require the technician to go to different settings such as at home or in the office.  On the other hand, individuals at entry-level, who have been hired as IT staff within the company, are expected to look after the installation, repair and maintenance of the organization’s computer systems. Thus, most of the work that they do will be rendered within the company’s premises. However, take note that their duties would not be limited to the said tasks. The responsibilities will be dependent on the company’s needs, and this might also include looking into assisting in the development of the company’s IT infrastructure.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists several occupations for those who seek to work in the computer and IT industry. [2] Examples of jobs that require the candidate to possess at least a bachelor’s degree are network and computer systems administrators and computer systems analysts. Compared to the entry-level jobs mentioned earlier, these occupations pay better and have more requirements. As mentioned, at least a bachelor’s degree is needed for the latter jobs. For the entry-level jobs mentioned earlier, a degree isn’t necessary but acquiring a certification may be the requirement in most cases.

If you want to learn more about job openings for computer technicians, you can check recruitment websites such as and

Computer Technician Resume – Essentials for Starting your Career

When hiring computer technicians, companies usually look for the skills that a candidate possesses. This part of the resume which displays your abilities can be considered to be a prospective employer’s window to your potentials as an asset of their company. Hence, listing down the right skills is important for any computer technician resume. In addition, including the training sessions attended and certifications acquired will be significant factors in making your resume shine above all the others.

Here are some of the tasks specified and qualifications stated in job advertisements for computer technicians:

  • Troubleshooting various computer problems
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Highly technical and pays strong attention to detail
  • Good customer support skills

The aforementioned items are just a few requirements presented in a nutshell. Most of the time, the type of job opening will require a specific set of skills and the ones mentioned above may be considered as fundamental knowledge for the job. For example, entry-level computer support specialists will typically need to have different skills compared to higher-level jobs such as computer systems analysts. For the latter, the tasks assigned are that of a much difficult level, they would also have to possess certain qualities such as creativity and a good sense of analytic and communication skills. For support specialists, their type of job demands that they have strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Between the two, it may come as apparent that both of them should have technical know-how and a sure ability to understand a wide range of computer-related issues. The duties demanded from a computer technician job advances every time they climb up a notch higher on the employment ladder. Hence, developing skills and abilities on the process is considered to be crucial if you want to be competitive and progressive in the ever-dynamic field of Information Technology.

At the end of the day, aside from possessing the skills necessary for being hired, it is important for the individual to be always motivated to do the job. The willingness to gain new skills and knowledge should also be there all the time. Learning new concepts open up doors of opportunities to computer technicians. Moreover, this can also help them be guided on the specific path they want to pursue in the field. The computer industry is quite a vast one, acquiring more knowledge and adding up more skills to your computer technician resume can indeed take you places.

Computer Technician Certification – Making Yourself Eligible as a Technician

Educational requirements for individuals who aspire to be hired as computer technicians can vary, depending on the tasks and skills needed for a particular job. For instance, there are employers who seek degree holders, while others simply require candidates to have undergone training and receive a computer technician certification. Being in a highly competitive field, acquiring certification can help you become more credible and attract more prospective employers. Certifications acquired through training allow these employers to be assured that you indeed have the skills that they are looking for. These training sessions usually cover topics which include troubleshooting, maintenance, operating systems, hardware and software, and networking among others.

Certifications may be obtained through various means, there are programs available online and there are more specific ones such as the CompTIA A+ certification. Referred to as a starting point if you intend to pursue a career in IT, the CompTIA A+ is a requisite for many big IT companies such as Dell, Intel and Lenovo. It is also recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense. [1]

There are also certifications provided by Cisco through a number of their training programs. Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational company that is known as a world leader in networking and various computer services. Some examples include CCENT and Cisco CCDA Certification Training Programs. These programs usually deal with networking concepts, equipping individuals who intend to work in this particular branch of the industry.

In other cases, after getting hired, companies require their computer technicians to undergo several months of training to gain knowledge about the products that they are going to handle. Job descriptions may differ for computer technicians. For instance, there are individuals who need to work more on networking and installation while others might be tasked to do system maintenance. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are also computer technicians who do training even as they work full-time for a company. They aim to be assured that their sets of skills are current and that they are in the know of the most recent updates in the industry. Accredited programs will also be a great help for you to have an opportunity of getting a salary increase.

There are a number of ways to get a computer technician certification. Training is important so that you may be certain that you will earn the accreditation that you are aiming to receive. In the long run, this will open up more opportunities for you. Eventually, it can also help you with how you want your career to be directed.

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